Who we are

Welcome to Toyota Enthusiasts Club! We are Toyota 4WD lovers, it can be Land Cruiser, 4Runner, Fj Cruiser, Previa, Tacoma, Tundra, or even RAV4! Our club is here to unify all kinds of Toyota 4WD enthusiasts. Nissan, Suzuki, Subaru, and other makes are welcome as well! Our club is here to unify all kinds of Toyota 4WD enthusiasts across Southern Ontario and promote TREAD Lightly principles when we go out on the trails. If you are interested in local meet-ups and wheeling trips, check out the calendar and join the discussion on the forums!

What we do

At TEC we are hard believers in TREAD Lightly principles and the outdoors experience should stay accessible to everyone. Our goal is to give back to the community by maintaining trails, keeping trails clean, supporting and donating to communities, promoting safe off-road practices, and having fun while doing all this outdoors. With our trail stewardship program, we were able to remove over 2500lbs of garbage to this day and continue improving 4WD enthusiasts' image among different communities.