Upcoming events

Ardbeg Trail Cleanup

October 28 - 30, 2022

Our annual club fall trail clean-up is back on, check the calendar for all the latest information.

VMUTS 2022

During VMUTS exploration TEC members were asked by OPP officer for assistance to transport an injured ATV rider. Everyone in the group was ready to give a hand and after unloading the truck bed two medics put the injured ATV rider in the back and rode with him to the helicopter. ATV rider is currently recovering and would like to thank all TEC members who assisted that weekend.

Newbie Run 2022

This trail run was focused on the new wheelers who never went off the pavement or used 4WD mode. Stock friendly and we make sure everyone has a good time!

YOTAS that Crawl 2022

A weekend to remember, the best and hardest trails in Southern Ontario!

This year we lost 37" tire, 35" tire, 4 tail lights, brake line, and plenty of body damage between all trucks! This is the ultimate adventure Toyota owners don't want to miss!

2022 Ardbeg Spring Trail Cleanup

Another great season opener with a team of Toyota enthusiasts! The team collected 250lbs of garbage off the trails and explored surrounding trails.

2022 Start of the season Coffee and Trucks

Over 75+ vehicles and great people successfully collected $1500+ worth of food and cash donations together! Thank you everyone for coming and have a great 4WD season!

2022 VMUTS Winter Experience

Cold and plenty of snow, but that didn't scare TEC members to wonder inside VMUTS trail system and enjoy what it has to offer!

2021 Toy Drive Raffle

Working together with Milton Off-road club TEC gathered full bed of toys and donated $900 to Sick Kids Foundation!