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Ardbeg Spring 2024 Trail Cleanup

Another successful spring trail cleanup! Our volunteers removed scrap metal, waste, and checked the trail's condition. Thank you for coming and enjoy the 4WD season!

April Mall Crawl in 4LO

What a fantastic turnout! A huge thank you to everyone who attended, contributed food donations, gave cash, or sent e-transfers. Together we collected over $100 in cash and over $400 in food donations! 

Ardbeg Fall 2023 Trail Cleanup

As always, it was a fantastic experience! Our members not only collected various types of waste during our cleanup effort but also thoroughly enjoyed the entire process. The camaraderie among the team and the shared commitment to environmental stewardship made it a truly memorable occasion. Thank you everyone for coming!

VMUTS 2023

Happy faces and lots of trails to explore – that's what this place is all about!

SOTEC at Drive Festival 2023

The event had a fantastic turnout, with a multitude of happy faces filling the venue. Thanks to all volonteers for attending and helping with this event!

August Food Drive in Milton

Wonderful turnout! A big thank you to all of you who came, donated food, gave cash, or sent e-transfers. And a shoutout to the two amazing ladies (coincidentally, they drove a Corolla ) who saw us in action and came back with bags of food. Our community rocks! 

YOTAS that Crawl 2023

What an incredible weekend! Rain or shine, TEC members are unstoppable when it comes to conquering trails. During this adventure, we successfully tackled both Crag Lake and Crag Lake Backdoor trail, all while enjoying some camping at Sullivan Lake. Fearlessly navigated through challenging terrain, including deep water crossings, tight tree sections, large rocks, and pouring rain. The journey wasn't without its battle scars, we faced a broken mirror, a missing tail light, a damaged bed side, and some serious dents on sliders. Despite it all, what a memorable and exhilarating weekend it turned out to be!

Silver Lake Dunes July 2023

The Michigan trip was an exhilarating adventure! TEC members maneuvered over various terrains, such as mud, rocks, and sand. While some came close to tipping their trucks onto their roofs, others experienced flooding inside their vehicles. Despite these challenges, everyone was thrilled with the experience and eager to repeat it. The anticipation is already building for the next opportunity to venture out and visit our southern neighbor! 

Bancroft Trail Run July 2023

Members of TEC embarked on an exploration of the Bancroft Area, courageously navigating through mud and sharpening their recovery skills, all while mastering the art of overcoming rocky hills. A sincere thank you goes out to all who participated. Your zeal and collective spirit genuinely turn each adventure into a memory that will not be forgotten.

Newbie Run June 2023

What an exhilarating trip we had! Every adventure with the TEC is packed with learning, exploration, and lots and lots of smiles. This time around, our members braved the mud, honing their recovery skills and mastering the art of conquering rocky hills. And of course, we all savored the pure joy of being outdoors!

Ardbeg Spring 2023 Trail Cleanup

We ventured into the wilds of the Ardbeg area, and guess what? Our dedicated club members took up the challenge and successfully removed an astounding 500 lbs of garbage. From beer cans and abandoned camping gear to automotive parts and hazardous waste, we tackled it all! Keep respecting, keep exploring, and keep having fun!

April Food Drive in Milton

Even in the chill and rain, we sure know how to have a good time, don't we? Our recent gathering was nothing short of fantastic. We were warmed by the generous donations of food, the excitement of meeting new friends, and the comfort of catching up with familiar faces.

Winter Wheeling 2023 at Minden Offroad Park

Another great trip with the club and many smiling faces! TEC members got to practice recovery skills in the snow, learned how to conquer icy hills, and enjoyed being outdoors! Thank you everyone for coming, and looking forward to seeing each and every of you at our annual Food Drive and Ardbeg Spring Trail Cleanup! 

Ardbeg Fall 2022 Trail Cleanup

This year SOTEC ventured around the Ardbeg area where club members successfully removed 300 lbs of garbage including beer cans, abandoned camping gear, automotive parts, and other waste that is left by those that don’t share the “tread lightly” principles. We are happy to announce that compared to previous years we could not find as much garbage, which is great news. Let's continue respecting our trails by keeping them clean!  

VMUTS 2022

During VMUTS exploration SOTEC members were asked by OPP officer for assistance to transport an injured ATV rider. Everyone in the group was ready to give a hand and after unloading the truck bed two medics put the injured ATV rider in the back and rode with him to the helicopter. ATV rider is currently recovering and would like to thank all TEC members who assisted that weekend. 

SOTEC at OverlandNTH 2022 (The Rally - Muskoka)

SOTEC is committed to trail cleanups and maintaining a positive image of the 4x4 community. That's why we would like to thank OverlandNTH for having us and letting us lead trail cleanup where we gathered waste and explained the importance of trail upkeeping and maintenance to new to offroad people.  Thank you to everyone who helps us to clean the trails and continue following TREAD lightly principles. 

Newbie Run 2022 

This trail run was focused on the new wheelers who never went off the pavement or used 4WD mode. Stock friendly and we make sure everyone has a good time! 

YOTAS that Crawl 2022

A weekend to remember, the best and hardest trails in Southern Ontario! 

This year we lost 37" tire, 35" tire, 4 tail lights, brake line, and plenty of body damage between all trucks! This is the ultimate adventure Toyota owners don't want to miss!

SOTEC at OverlandNTH 2022 (The Gathering - Albion Hills)

SOTEC is committed to trail cleanups and maintaining a positive image of the 4x4 community. That's why we would like to thank OverlandNTH for having us and giving us room to talk about trail upkeeping and maintenance to new to offroad people.  Thank you to everyone who helps us to clean the trails and continue following TREAD lightly principles. 

2022 Ardbeg Spring Trail Cleanup

Another great season opener with a team of Toyota enthusiasts! The team collected 250lbs of garbage off the trails and explored surrounding trails. 

2022 Start of the season Coffee and Trucks 

Over 75+ vehicles and great people successfully collected $1500+ worth of food and cash donations together!  Thank you everyone for coming and have a great 4WD season! 

2022 VMUTS Winter Experience 

Cold and plenty of snow, but that didn't scare SOTEC members to wonder inside VMUTS trail system and enjoy what it has to offer! 

TEC Wetum Winter Road 2022

A group of SOTEC members visited this remote and beautiful area! Super cold and worth the drive if you have time. 

2021 Toy Drive Raffle

Working together with Milton Off-road club SOTEC gathered full bed of toys and donated $900 to Sick Kids Foundation!

TEC Fright Poker Run 2021

Spooky and Fright! SOTEC completed night run in the 5 points area where we played poker run and collected chips to find out the winner! Thank you everyone for coming! 

SOTEC James Bay Trip 2021

A group of SOTEC members visited this remote and beautiful area! A place to see! 

2021 Ardbeg Fall Trail Clean Up

October is the time when everything bursts with its last beauty. It’s when you get the last warm nights where you can socialize with old friends and make some new ones. As per annual tradition, Southern Ontario Toyoda Enthusiast Club (SOTEC) has organized their fall cleanup weekend and successfully removed 500 lbs of garbage including a stove, freezer, beer cans, abandoned camping gear, automotive parts and other waste that is left by those that don’t share tread lightly principles. SOTEC would like to thank everyone who attended the cleanup weekend and helped to keep our trail systems clean for others to enjoy. We also would like to thank Dave Creasor from the Municipality of Whitestone for granting permission to dispose of the waste.

2020 Ardbeg Fall Trail Clean Up

In early August, Evgeny from the Toyota Enthusiast Club sent out a call to their members for volunteers to participate in a cleanup of the Ardbeg trail & camping area. The groups headed out to their pre-assigned areas and got to work cleaning up the trash and articles left behind by other users. Additionally, the group working on the south trail stopped at the 2nd bridge and spent some time repairing the degrading gravel surface leading up to the bridge. In the end, with all their trucks loaded with garbage and scrap, the Toyota Enthusiast Club removed over 700lbs of garbage from the trail.

2019 Ganaraska Forest Run

SOTEC visited this beautiful area where members got to drive around the forest area, learn recovery techniques, discuss modifications, and had a great BBQ at the end!