Off-Road 101

The best way to learn is to get out there and try things. 

Breakage is inevitable, embrace it! 

Join our newbie runs! Available on a first-come, first-served basis between May 1st and November 30th. 

SOTEC Newbie Runs are designed to help you enjoy your off-roading adventures safely and responsibly. We begin with easy trails and gradually progress to intermediate ones. This event is stock-friendly, meaning you don't need any modifications to join. We typically start around 10 AM, airing down tires, discussing basic off-roading techniques, and explaining the day's structure. You'll encounter mud, rocks, water crossings, learn how to spot others, and communicate via radio or hand signals. Best of all, it's FREE! We only ask for common sense, rational behavior, and encourage questions—there are no stupid ones here! Ensure your vehicle is registered and insured. We recommend checking if your 4HI-LO is operational beforehand; Bring a full tank of gas and a positive attitude!